Friday, July 1, 2011

july 2011 race schedule

is it possible that 2011 is now half over? the time has flown!

this weekend is the 33rd running of the putnam county classic on the 4th of july. this year i've been enlisted as the co-race director, together w/emmy. so i won't run the race. but i'll enjoy it just the same - especially watching everyone else run the hilly and challenging course :D

my major running event of july is the vermont 100 mile endurance run. it's been a staple, for better or worse, on my race calendar for the last 5 years! this time around i'll be heading up there on the decidedly untrained side :O

another highlight of july is a return to the escarpment trail run - one of my all time favorite trail runs. unfortunately, it conflicts with a new b.u.s. event the night before - a 6 hour pajamas run in queens. argh!

the rest of my july races are shorter distances, and include a pair of xc relays (vctc and new canaan) plus a couple of norwalk and westport summer series races. no nyrr races on the calendar for july.

here's what it looks like:

7/2 - westport summer series, 2.2 miles
7/4 - wlf putnam county classic, 8m [rd]
7/7 - vctc summer series relay - [w/emmy]
7/9 - norwalk summer series, 5m
7/12 - waveny summer series relay - [w/emmy]
7/16 - vermont 100 mile endurance run
7/23 - norwalk summer series, 7m
7/31 - escarpment trail run

as always, if your at any of them, say hello!


Rob Leder said...

You should do the BUS 6-hr. Pajama Run on 7/30 (6pm-midnight), then leave for the start of the Escarpment right after the race.

DawnB said...

Frank I think its going to be hard for you to watch :)