Tuesday, March 1, 2011

rundangerously blog is three years old today :D

three years and still going strong! hard to believe it's been that long - my first blog post was on march 1, 2008. since then, i've posted on running (naturally), books, movies, beats, sports, family, friends, anniversaries and assorted other idiosyncrasies. and, most of all, i've been honored to have a number of great guest posts from my friends and family to share on this blog.

in those three years i've managed 1,341 posts (although the frequency has declined over the last year or so). of those posts, the most frequently viewed, is "haruki murakami: running novelist," with with 1992 page views. it narrowly beat out "ron lamothe's 'the call of the wild' - the other chris mccandless documentary," with 1984 page views.

so far, i've had more than 284,000 visits to rundangerously.

hopefully, i've got another 3 (or more) productive blogging years ahead :D


Sheri Graziano said...

Happy Blogaversary. I always enjoy reading your posts.

rundangerously said...

thanks sheri :D

Bob Tona said...

Run Blogger Run - congrats Frank

Bob Tona said...

Run Blogger Run - Congrats Frank