Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 st. patrick's day marathon: race photos and results

it was great day to run in van cortlandt park! perfect weather for the st. patrick's day marathon (10k+ and half marathon). the first half of the loop course was still pretty muddy from all the rain we had on thursday but, overall, the course was very runnable. i wasn't at the valentine's day races, but it seemed like a larger turnout than the new year's day races.

i ran a 4:20:40 for the 4 loop course. that was a bit off by 4 hour target, but i was still pleased. emmy, after volunteering for most of the day, ran the 4th loop with me.

this is an event that shouldn't be missed! the next one on deck is the easter marathon late next month. put it on your race calendar!

here is my race report; and i'll add a link to the results once they're posted.

and here are a few more photos posted on facebook.

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TeeJay said...

Frank, I've been trying to figure our the logic in all the race bib numbering of these events. For New Years and Valentines Days, the bibs were all "1's" and "2's" respectively, which I gather meant the FIRST and SECOND events of the year? But if that's true, then why "777" for this one? Number 7 is lucky, like the Irish? And there are three 7's because it's the third race of the year? Am just wondering...