Thursday, June 18, 2009

world lung foundation running team group run in central park

last night the world lung foundation running team kicked off its first group training run in central park. the threat of rain may have reduced the turnout, but not the fun! steve, jen, yvette, jorge, emmy and i met at engineers gate at 6:30 for the 4 mile run. steve, jen, emmy, and i ran the middle loop (up to the 102nd street transverse, down west drive, across the 72nd street transverse, and back to the engineers gate). then we jogged over to johnny foxes on 80th and second avenue, met up with yvette and jorge, and rehydrated!

our group run was the first of four planned events in the training cycle for the nyc half marathon in august. if you want to run the nyc half this year, consider running it on behalf of the world lung foundation. if you're already registered for, and running, the nyc half, consider joining the world lung foundation team. all donations raised by the team will be used to fight childhood asthma. last year, our 20 person nyc half team raised over $40,000 - and all the funds were used to buy inhalers for children in kenya.

to find out more about the wlf team, check out our nyc half page.
and, check out the wlf running team's page on facebook!

our next scheduled group run, a 6 miler in central park, will be run in conjunction with the nyrr nyc marathon long training run #1, on july 12. join us!

here are some pictures from our second group training run.
here are some pictures form our third group training run.

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