Friday, June 26, 2009

the gilded otter brewing company, new paltz

after rob, emmy, and i ran the summer solstice 15k course, we rehydrated at the gilded otter brewing company in new paltz. this was my second time at this great brewpub - last summer we stopped here after the allen ginsberg photo exhibit "beat and beyond" at the suny new paltz. while we only had time for "one" beer - they were 22 ounce glasses :D

the dusseldorf altbeir i tried was my second choice because no dunkelwiess was available (a dark wheat beer that i first tried at the evans brewing company this winter). the resourceful bartender, however, made an approximate substitute when he mixed the dusselforf in a tasting glass with heffenwiez! that was incredibly cool of him to do! rob had the rail trail pale ale and emmy went with their seasonal hefeweizen.

emmy and rob

our beers: rail trail pale ale, hefeweizen, dusseldorf altbeir

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