Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ex-ny giant plaxico burress expects to play in 2009 season while he awaits trial on gun charges!

wow, yesterday the proceedings for plaxico burress' gun possession charges were continued until september 23, 2009 - well after the start of the 2009 football season. his attorney, benjamin brafman, then observed that it was "inconceivable" that burress would actually be tried on the charges before 2010 (thus making him available to play the 2009 season).

wow, once again! i say that because not only have the jets expressed interest in signing plaxico - the outstanding gun charges notwithstanding - but so too have a few other teams! plaxico's agent, drew rosenbaum, stated (on twitter!) that he hopes to have a deal in place (with an as yet unnamed team) in place before training camps start!

as to reinforce the surrealistic normalcy of all this talk of playing football again - despite the possibility that the nfl take disciplinary action, regardless of the delay in the criminal proceeding - brafman pointed out that it's a victimless crime. he ignored the obvious, that the sheer act of carrying an unlicensed, and loaded, weapon (aside from having it discharge in said club!) is the crime. it's treated as a crime, with mandatory jail time, to discourage the conduct - and, hopefully, prevent any victims as a result.

it saddens me that any nfl team would be so desperate for a wide receiver that it would consider hiring him before the resolution of the judicial process - and any potential disciplinary action that the league might impose (before or after that resolution).

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