Sunday, December 3, 2017

2017 B.U.S. Trail Mix-Up 50K: Race Photos & Results

Today's Broadway Ultra Society's Trail Mix-Up 50K in Alley Pond Park was challenging - and probably my last "long" run of the year (it is December, after all)!  What made this one especially tough is the 30K option - which is the siren song of cutting it short if ever there was one!  In fact, a few years ago, I exercised that option and bailed out of the 50K in favor of the 30K (and nice warm park house).

But this time around I managed to do all 10 of the 5K loops (the loop was roughly evenly split between trail and pavement sections).  Mile for mile, this was probably tougher than running the Knickerbocker 60K two weeks ago (if only because we could stop after 6 loops/30K).  However, given that we share a portion of the course with a dog run (and some decidedly unfriendly dog owners and their equally snarling pets) - this was hands down the most dangerous course I've run all year.  This is no creative exaggeration because I was right behind Grant when some obnoxious dog (thankfully on a leash) leapt at him during the 2 loop - forcing him off the path!

Aside from that adrenaline moment, the rest of the day was like any other ultra.  As for my race, I got thru the first 6 loops in under a 10 minute pace.  After that point I mostly ran, jogged, walked the remaining 4 loops.  Given how tough - mentally - the last 4 loops were I was more than happy with my 5:51:33 finish (11:19 pace)!  The best part of the day was the post-race food - which, just from memory, included, ravioli, eggplant parm., lasagna, veggie pasta, chicken marsala!, and, no ultra would be complete without - pizza! Not a bad way to recoup the 3,700+ calories burned getting the 50k done :D

As always, thanks Richie (and all the volunteers) for putting on another great B.U.S. event!

Here are the official results from New York Ultrarunning.

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