Sunday, August 7, 2016

The "4 Bridges, 3 Boroughs, 2 Islands, 1 Tram Run"


This morning I did an interesting tour of the city that included "four bridges, 3 boroughs, 2 islands, & 1 tram" - put together by an old friend, Bob Tona, and his Raritan Valley Road Runners Club.  It was one of the most fun group "fun" runs I've done in a long time!  The actual distance came in a bit longer than the projected (actually slightly more than half a marathon) - but included numerous stops for photo ops (and running thru a few sprinklers at some local kiddie parks)!

One of the highlights for NYC Marathon runners was covering familiar course ground in different directions.  The first bridge was the Queensboro - taking us out of the City instead of into (and on the pedestrian walkway instead of roadway).  Another site was running over the Pulaski Bridge, again in the opposite direction (and across the pedestrian walkway).

While we didn't "run" on the tram, it was the means back to NYC after we finished up at Roosevelt Island.  It's been decades since I've taken that tram ride!!

For those of you interested, the street by street (bridge to bridge) directions are posted below :D



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DebbieJRT said...

You know, I was born in NYC and I've never ridden the tram to Roosevelt Island.