Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 2016 Race Schedule

Interestingly, my May race schedule began yesterday!  The Ted Corbitt Run Around Manhattan Memorial 50K was originally planned for today.  But forecast for rain had it moved up a day - and we ran it yesterday instead (and had the benefit fantastic weather, as opposed to the rainy day today)!

As for the rest of the month, I'll miss two weekends of running because of travel (which is typically in August, but this year is moved up to May).  So I can run next weekend - the Norwalk Mothers Day 10K and the Memorial Day weekend.  Plus, VCTC Summer Series kicks off that Thursday night - so maybe that can be my first race back :D

I'll definitely run the Jim Fixx 5 Miler in Greenwich on Memorial Day proper.  The more interesting question is what race(s) to run that Saturday and Sunday?  I'm leaning toward the Weston 5K on Saturday because I haven't done that one in a very long time!  Then there is a neighboring 5K on Sunday - in Wilton - which I haven't run.  But my preference for Sunday is the Long Branch 10 Miler (which is a hassle get to, but incredibly fun to run)!

Here's how it looks so far:

5/8 - Norwalk Mother's Day 10K
5/26 - VCTC Summer Series 5K
5/28 - Wilton Memorial Day 5K
5/30 - Jim Fixx Memorial Day 5 Miler

As always, if you're at any of these races - say hello!

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