Monday, June 17, 2013

jolly pumpkin cafe and brewery, ann arbor

last night we had dinner at the jolly pumpkin café and brewery.  it was my second visit to a brewpub in as many visits to ann arbor (last time we checked out the arbor brewing company).  i've been into jolly pumpkin saisons for a long time - ever since i was first turned on to them back at a sour beer tasting a jimmy's no. 43 in the village, way back in 2010).  so when in rome... i opted to sample their sour beers :D

my sampler, inspired by the suggestions of the server, include:

luciernaga ("the firefly")
bam noire
la roja
oro de calabaza
and, tamicon 5 saison (the new collaboration with arbor brewing)

here's the description for tamicon -  "From its red-pink color to its floral, tart, funky aroma, this Jolly Pumpkin / Arbor Brewing Co. collaboration beer has a mouthwatering start, a very tart and sour middle and a funky, peppery finish. Whoa!"

tamicon, which was released just last week, was certainly the highlight!  it wasn't available when i visited arbor brewing less than 3 months ago!

pat did not taste any beers (belgian style, or otherwise).  she, instead, saved her calories for belgain waffles at the "waffle shop" :D

the next brew pub i'd like to check out in ann arbor is the grizzly peak brewing company - stay tuned...

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