Friday, March 27, 2009

what happened to the 2009 nyc half marathon?!

with the brooklyn half marathon date still NOT finalized (albeit still tentatively scheduled for may 30), the nyrr has quietly taken the new york city half marathon off the race calendar!

the 2009 edition of the nyc half had already been moved back a month, from the end of july to the end of august. now that date (august 30) is suddenly vacant on the nyrr schedule!

not one word about the removal on the main page? what gives?? is this just a scheduling issue (with a new date in the works) - or is the race itself (after 3 successful years) now history??

for an incredibly popular race (and one that raises significant sums for charity) there will be many disappointed runners if the event is cancelled.

say it ain't so, nyrr!

stayed tuned: i'll post updates when we get word from the nyrr about the race.

big update: mary wittenburg just posted this update on nyrr facebook page:

"We are finalizing the date for the NYC Half. Due to some conflicts, the date will not be August 30. Expecting to finalize by the end of this week.

If we have an option, share your thoughts - what's better - mid july or mid august?

very best, mary"

stay tuned ...

and the new date is (drumroll)... sunday august 16, 2009!
more details to follow (in the meantime, check out matt's post)....


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Nike dropped their sponsorship...

By the way, Queens Half was moved from August to September.

rundangerously said...

430, you may right.

nyrr may be looking for a new sponsor to fill in? but even if that's the case, they should still post something about what's going on so runners can make plans.

ChickenUnderwear said...

I hate it when the NYRRC does this. I want to plan my summer vacation. They should pick a date and stick with it....For years. They don't understand how important these races are to their local members. They seam to be trying to please corporate sponsors and people looking for a "destination race".

Anonymous said...

Yes, really bad news on the NYC Half if it is really cancelled. They were talking last year about trying to come up with a new course so they could expand the field even further.

I ran the Austin Marathon earlier this year, and their title sponsor (AT&T) backed out. They obviously ran the race, but there was no prize money and no elite field. If that is in fact the problem, I would think NYRR can do the same thing here - just make it a lower key event.

By the way, I hated the idea of the Queens half in August. I'm still scarred from the heat and humidity of last years race!

DebbieJRT said...

I like the Queens half in September better, but that means it's currently on the same day as the Fifth Avenue Mile?

I'm not sure what NYRR is doing, but how can you possibly plan your race schedule when they keep moving everything around. The cap has people wanting to sign up early, but the race you register for might end up being on a completely different date than you've planned for.

jerry yeti said...

Good catch. I've been really looking forward to that race.

Morrissey said...

whatever it indifferent. Number 1 it is way too expensive; however i PRed on this course! so whether it comes or goes, Ill just have to pick another race :)

Anonymous said...

When I inquired to the NYRR about the disappearance of the 1/2 marathon, this is the response I received. I hope they still have it!

We hope to have the lottery application, date and information for the NYC Half on the website in later this month

Please check at that time