Sunday, June 8, 2008

sue's new york mini 10k race report: guest post

i am very happy to post my friend sue's new york mini 10k race report! not only do we occasionally run the same races, but our kids attend the same middle school - and sometimes they even run the same local races! sue is a member of moving comfort. even with tough weather conditions saturday, she finished 2nd in her age group!

I am now all fully recouped from yesterday's sweatfest of a mini marathon. I have missed only a few minis in the past 15 years and the weather does tend to be hot, but this one topped them all. For me a 10K is a long race and I don't usually do back to back weekends, unlike my impressive ultra friends! However, this mini was my 4th race in a series, beginning with the Healthy Kidney 10K, the Martha's Vineyard 5K, the Japan Day 4 miler and finally the hot, humid mini. I knew I was in for it when I got in the car in Scarsdale at 7:20, felt the humidity and headed south!

One of the best things about the mini is the local elite teams get to line up in back of the professional women so we saw the best of the bunch. It is very hard not to go out too fast as the first mile is on Central Park West and you are tempted to fly out fast although the elite women rapidly fade from sight. My first mile was around 6:37, far off my projected 7 to 7:10 pace if the heat didn't get too bad, 7:20s at best if it got unbearable. By mile 2 I had picked up some seconds and by the 5K mark was closer to target pace, thanks to the great hills. My ultra friend Emmy had commented on the air quality and difficulty breathing which I would say was the major issue in that heat- the air got oppressive after mile 3.

I found the second half a challenge and noticed superior runners stopping or dropping back and knew the heat was intense. I know the website says 70s for the heat and humidity but I am sure that by mile 2 it was in the 80s for both. I did get something of a second wind in the last mile but was an exhausted, drenched soul by the time I heard Frank cheering and crossed the mat in 43:45 at a 7:05 pace.

The award ceremony was great. Mary W. called up the top 10 and also introduced Kathryn Martin who at 56, despite being too sick to speak into the mike, ran a 40 minute pace! I was thrilled to place 2nd 50s behind the speedy Sharon Vos and learned my team placed 2nd masters and 1st Vets. So the heat fest was worth it and I walked home with my signature NYRRC plexiglas trophy. (Still, exercise wise, swimming was probably the better option this weekend!)


A Plain Observer said...

I spent my weekend in the hospital having surgery. I missed all the heat inside this air conditioned prision. I heard it was pretty bad, you wonder if races should be cancelled because of the risk of racing in such conditions.

CTmarathoner said...

Myriam ---surgery? need to check your blog asap. Good weekend to be inside -but sorry to hear that news. They stopped our westchester need for speed relay at 3 p.m.
Susan --I just loved this report! So often you are too busy to write up your impressive races...first of all, it was a good race for you on all counts -your team took first in the 50s, 2nd in 40s, you placed second and you finished your 4th race in as many weekends. I noticed that alot of splits from the second half were much slower...including Sharon's.
Told Frank that at his next NYRRC race, Id be the one taking photos while he (and you)sweat it out and race...

rundangerously said...

myriam, i hope the recovery is fast and you're home soon.

emmy, i don't know - taking pictures a lot easier than running :D