Sunday, March 11, 2018

2018 Celebrate Life Half Marathon: Race Photos & Results

It turned out to be a great day to run the Celebrate Life Half Marathon - plenty of sun (a commodity that's been scare these last few weeks)!  And, except for the occasional wind gusts, it wasn't that cold (notwithstanding the snow covered course) :D

I haven't run this race in a while because for the last couple of years I managed to get into the NYC Half.  But Celebrate Life is definitely worth the drive up to Rock Hill - not just for the challenging course, but for the post-race Outback Steakhouse... Steak!  Yes, this is the only event (ultras included) where you can have an honest to goodness steak (chicken for those red-meat adverse) as part of your post-race meal!

As for the race itself, I had a sub-1:50 time goal (given that my legs were still a bit worn out from the Caumsett 50K last weekend).  That may have been something of a soft target because I ran a pretty solid 1:47:42, 8:14 pace, without any speed to speak of, over those miles.  In fact, it was a significant improvement over my last CL finish (1:51:59 back in 2013)!  So I was doubly pleased :D

The best part, however, was the post-race socializing!

Here are the official race results from

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