Monday, January 1, 2018

January 2018 Race Schedule

Frigid start to the new year!  Here on the east coast we've been stuck in an icebox of cold temperatures and even more brutal wind chills.  Hopefully, things will warm up soon and we can look forward to running races in balmy 20 degree weather - haha.

It's strange now having to get used to the idea of 2018 - when even 2017 still seemed a bit alien as recently as last month!  But January 2018 (the new racing year proper) will kick off this weekend with Boston Buildup 10K - a perennial on my race calendar.  It may be, weather conditions permitting, be preceded by the Mid Hudson Road Runners "Recover from the Holidays" FA 50K.  I'm keen to do it, but the hour and a half drive is only doable (for me) with decent (e.g. dry) road conditions.

The next event is the Boston Buildup 15K on January 21st.  Nothing penciled in yet for the weekend of 13-14th because there really aren't too many local running options available.  The other possibility for the 21st was the NYRR Manhattan Half - but it closed out early, at the end of November/first week of December.

The last weekend of the month is a bonanza of options (3)!  In a first, Taconic has moved the Freezer 5k into January (it's typically a 1st week of February race).  And the GLIRC has added an "International Marathon" (run in Eisenhower Park) that weekend.  But my choice for the 28th will most likely be the small and informal "Run Around Manhattan" 50K in honor of Ted Corbitt!

Here's how it looks so far:

1/6 - MHRRC "Recover from the Holidays" 50K
1/7 - Boston Buildup 10K
1/21 - Boston Buildup 15K
1/28 - "Run Around Manhattan" 50K

As always, if you're at any of these - say hello!

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