Sunday, January 14, 2018

2018 Boston Buildup 10K: Race Photos & Results

Hard to reconcile running in shorts on Friday afternoon and the return of Arctic conditions this morning!  I'm thankful for the 10:00 AM start for this race (the other Boston Buildup races go off at 9 AM) because I was on the fence till the last minute.  Finally I dragged myself into the car and drove over to Rowayton.  I'd run at least 6 miles today one way or another so, I reasoned, might at well socialize a little while doing the mileage :D

As for the race itself, my 48:26, 7:48 pace, was a bit off my 48:00 minute target.  But I had no leg speed to speak of (and spent most of mile 1 getting warm) - so all in all, was pretty happy.  And, as and added bonus, I got to run fast (relatively speaking) - a nice break from training mileage!

Since the 10K was postponed from last Sunday, the second Boston Buildup race (15K) in Ridgefield is on deck for next weekend.  The 15k is typically the coldest one of the series, but after this morning it may need to settle for second coldest of 2018 :O

Here are the official results from ClubCt.

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