Sunday, October 8, 2017

2017 Paine to Paine Trail Half Marathon: Race Photos & Results

My third consecutive Paine to Pain Trail Half is in the books (5th, counting the 2 earlier course checks)!  I love this race - and the fact it's practically run in my backyard only adds to its attraction.  The wet (e.g. on again off again rain) conditions only added to the trail running atmosphere (though we could certainly have done without the 100% humidity).

This one was my slowest, by 2 minutes, of the trio I've run.  One amazingly cool thing - an email notification from NYCRuns within minutes of crossing the finish line of my time (1:54:45).  That was a incredibly surprise, and only wish more races/timers could incorporate that technology.  While the official results haven't been posted yet, the personalized email was one of those "above and beyond" extras for runners.

As for my performance, this was my 3rd fail at going under 1:50 for the course - arrgh!  While today the weather (especially the humidity) played a role, it was still somewhat of a downer (finishing 2+ minutes slower than my earlier finishes, aside from being miles away from a sub 1:50 (I know, hyperbole... but I contain multitudes).  In my defense (albeit weak), my first 2-3 miles were slow - and I bounced back with a significant overall negative split :D

And, the post-race amenities were first class (I write this with a fond memory of having inhaled 3 pork sliders and drunk multiple shots of chocolate milk within minutes of crossing the finish line - yum)!  There was plenty of other food as well :D

Because of the rain, I really didn't have the opportunity to take many pictures.  I'll add a link to the official race photo galleries once they're up.

Here are the (preliminary) race results from NYCRUNS.

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