Saturday, September 2, 2017

2017 Westport Summer Series 10 Miler: Race Photos & Results

Fall weather came to the Westport Summer Series 10 Miler this morning.  The chilly start was probably the coolest weather I can remember for this race!  When I left the house it was 50 degrees outside (and I immediately went back inside to grab my windbreaker)!  The temperature was much warmer when I arrived at Staples -- but it was great running weather :D

As for the race itself, while my time goal was a sub-1:20, I came pretty close to sneaking in under 1:18!  Maybe the weather was a plus after all.  When I saw the clock at the straightaway to the finish line, it had just turned 1:17:50 - and despite the old college try, I couldn't sprint fast enough to cover the remaining distance in 9 seconds - it took a whopping 16 seconds!  Nevertheless I was very happy with the 1:18:06 , 7:49 pace (with my sub 1:10 glory days long gone - haha)!

Here are the race results from HiTek Racing.

As usual, thank to Tony for great photo of the start!

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