Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016 NYRR France Run 8K: Race Photos & Results

It was a soggy morning out there for the France Run 8K.  Midway through the national anthem it began to drizzle - and rain it did for almost the entire race!  For most of the miles it wasn't much more than a drizzle (and felt pretty good, actually) - but there a couple of minutes of heavy rain laced in there.  Regardless, 2016 NYRR # 6 is in the books :D

At 37:43, the 7:36 pace for the 8K was almost an entire minute faster than my shuffle at the 5 Mile Team Championships last month (42:08, 8:36 pace).  But at that 5 Miler I took it more as an easy jog because the Escarpment Trail Run was the next morning ;O

Next up, NYRR race #7 will be the Fifth Avenue Mile in two weeks.  As always, if you're at that one - say hello!

Here are the official results from NYRR.

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