Friday, October 30, 2015

Radio Pandora British shortwave pirate radio 6266 khz (via SDR) QSL Card


When I got home today, waiting for me in the mailbox (real - not cyber) was this incredible QSL card from Radio Pandora!  Not only was the card itself fantastic, but also included in the envelope was a fact sheet detailing the station's history.  I tuned in to Radio Pandora on 6266 kHz via the SDR at Twente.

When I submitted the report - on 25 October - I was surprised to get an email back asking for my real world address for an old school QSL card!  Included in that email was a picture of Radio Pandora's transmitter! Less than a week later - probably a record of sorts for a transatlantic letter (at least for my post office) - the QSL card arrived!

Thanks Steve St. John

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