Sunday, October 4, 2015

2015 Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon: Race Photos & Results

Despite all the worries from the heavy rains on Friday, the Paine to Pain Trail was relatively unaffected.  Except for a handful of puddles/patches of mud along the way, there were hardly any traces of all the rain that fell.

As for the race itself, I had a great time on the trails!  While I missed my 1:50 goal (1:52:58, 8:36 pace) by a solid 3 minutes - I did run the course 20+ minutes faster than last weekend's effort.  I spent most of the race passing other runners (the consequence of starting out in the 6th/last wave).  That may have accounted for a couple of minutes along the way - but no worries because it didn't detract from an otherwise fantastic time out there :D

I saw Mat at the start and Greg volunteering at the finish, but otherwise I really didn't see too many familiar faces out there this morning.  A number of my friends were equally split between Grete's Half in the city and the Ridgefield Half in Connecticut.  A trio a half marathons that laid claim to a good chunk of tri-state area runners today!

Here are the official results from NYC Runs


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