Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 NYRR Volunteer Requirement: Marathon Packet Prep

This afternoon - in something of a complete surprise - I found myself at the NYRR building for my 2015 volunteer requirement.  It was just yesterday that I checked to see what opportunities were open so I could pencil in my +1 for this year.  Since each time I checked over the last few months there were no openings for packet pick-up at the NYRR office (my preferred choice), I was becoming resigned to the idea of having to volunteer at a weekend race (my plan B).

So I was practically stunned to see openings for Marathon Packet Prep that day and today (with various shifts).  I signed up and literally 24 hours later I was assembling the paperwork (various instruction sheets) that would later be added to the Marathon bags picked up by runners at the Expo.  It was interesting to be seated in the room we typically stand in to hand out bibs!  Above is photo of my little station where I complied the 4 documents and stacked them (before they were moved to trays/boxes for storage).

Now I have completed 8+1 for the 2016 NYC Marathon.  The 2015 Marathon itself will be, fittingly, race number 9 :D

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