Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 Norwalk Half Marathon: Race Photos & Results


It was a good day to run - relative to the rest of the week - a half marathon.  While it was deceptively humid, the weather was a good deal milder this morning than the heat wave of the prior few days.  I missed the Norwalk Half last year because of my little scalding accident.  So I was surprised at the finishers medals (which Don introduced last year).  I wasn't surprised at - and happily looking forward to - the post-race ice cream :D

As for my race, I was more than pleased with the 1:48:16 finish (8:16 pace).  While I would have liked to shoot for a 1:45, that wasn't in the cards.  And a 1:50 seemed like a soft target.  So I had a sub 1:48 goal for the double loop course.  I missed it by 17 seconds...but no worries!

What I am a little worried about is speeding down 5th Avenue tomorrow for the NYRR Mile :O 

Here are the race results from the Lightfoot Runners.

The rest of my pictures are up on Facebook.

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