Tuesday, April 9, 2013

green day concert at the barclays center

katie and i went to see green day at the barclays center in brooklyn sunday night.  it was our first trip to the barclay's center (pat had gone there to see barbra streisand last year) and katie's first green day concert.  in a word - the show was terrific.  billie joe seemed no worse for the wear from his sting in rehab (which forced a major cut back for the group's promotional effort for uno! dos! tre! trio of albums).  he poured out almost 2 and a half hours of non-stop energy - and had a crowd that was as equally animated. 

i had seen green day perform in central park in 2009 as part of the good morning america summer concert series.  they put on a great show there, in somewhat cramped quarters (rumsey playfield) and given the constraints of fitting the performance into a morning t.v. show format.  in that brief performance they managed to pull a spectator out of the audience and up on stage.  at barclays, billie joe had three fans up on stage over the course of the show.

the first, a kid who came up during the second song - "know your enemy" - and, after a few lines made a successful jump back into the audience!  the second, brought up and handed a guitar to strum the 3 chords for "knowledge," exited stage left after the song.  the third and final one came up to sing the 3rd verse of "longview."  she really took over the stage - to the astonishment of all!  but her jump back into the arms of the audience was less successful... oops!

in what could only be viewed as camping it up, billie joe sprayed water on the audience, fired tee shirts into the crowd and even wielded a toilet paper gun to boot.  the slowest moment of the night came when the band took down the volume for "shout" - and morphed into some stone and beatles - before bringing it back to life.  earlier they had teased out the intro to "highway the hell," before going into "brain stew."

they saved "american idiot" and jesus of suburbia" for the encore.

here is the setlist:

99 revolutions
know your enemy
stay the night
stop when the red lights flash
oh love
boulevard of broken dreams
welcome to paradise
geek stink breath
knowledge (operation ivy cover)
when i come around
going to pasalacqua
highway to hell > brain stew
st. jimmy
basket case
king for a day
shout > (i can't get no) satisfaction > hey jude > shout


american idiot
jesus of suburbia
brutal love

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