Sunday, November 4, 2012

2012 nyc marathon cancelled in wake of hurricane sandy

as i write this on sunday morning, wave one of the four wave start for the 2012 nyc marathon would have just gotten underway.  late friday afternoon mayor bloomberg belatedly pulled the plug on the race.  i had taken the train into the city to pick up my bib on thursday and, just hours before the cancellation announcement, made another trip into the city to drop off a post-race bag at jack rabbit sports on 72nd - and a side trip to the marathon pavilion to check out the indonesian food tasting.  then, i learned of the cancellation when some friends posted the news on my fb page.

i am completely out of step with a good number of my friends who think cancelling the marathon was the right thing to do.  i think it was mistake.  i say that even as i was totally under trained for the race, and would have preferred not to run it.  there is no doubt my 11th nyc marathon would have been a personal challenge to complete this year.  but that was my own personal situation.  every one to the 47,000+ entrants had his or her own back story coming into the race.

it will be interesting to see how the nyrr address the post-race fallout - especially the registration fees and guaranteed entries for the 2013 edition.  stay tuned.

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chickenunderwear said...

We are in the minority, but I think the race should have gone on too.