Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 backwoods bushwack 4 miler

as a result of hurricane sandy, the beachfront bushwack was not only rescheduled, but it was relocated it to camp simmons as a result of the significant damage to todds point.  the distance was also reduced to 4 miles (from 5) - and, since it was no longer run along the beach, the race was renamed the backwoods bushwack.  that isn't to say there wasn't any water - the new location (which was also the site of the "get muddy for kids" 4 miler in early october) had multiple water crossing - and a sustained stretch through a creek!

it was a blast.  with a few minor variations, i ran this course at the "get muddy for kids" race, so i knew the water crossings that lurked out there and the general layout.  but, even so, i managed to go off course twice during the 4 miles!  it took me just under 40 minutes to finish the 4 miles and i enjoyed every bit of it.  as much as i enjoy the todds point course, i don't think it would be so bad to have future bushwacks at camp simmons :D

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