Monday, June 4, 2012

an unexpected find: craft beer at the gas station :O

i don't know how common this is, but it was a first for me - a gas station that sold craft beer and growler refills! yesterday, just before we got on the highway for the drive home from katie's field hockey tournament at syracuse university's coyne field, we had to gas up the car.

imagine my surprise to see the sunoco station w/a large "refill your growlers here" sign in the window! inside there were at 6-8 taps with some excellent breweries represented (dogfish head, for example). while the growler station inside a convenience store was something i hadn't run into before, i didn't opt for a growler.

instead, what caught my eye was the "make your own 6 pack" of craft beers for just $9.99! not only did i pick up a couple of local brands (the middle ages syracuse pale ale, ithaca apricot wheat, and the ellicottville blueberry wheat) but i couldn't resist the wells banana bread beer (a british import) :D

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