Tuesday, June 5, 2012

scott jurek "eat & run" book launch at bryant park

this afternoon i went to see scott jurek and company (chris mcdougall, steve friedman and peter sarsgaard) at the bryant park reading room.  scott was there promoting the release of his new book, "eat & run: my unlikely journey to ultrarunning greatness."  he was fresh off a run of the manhattan island perimeter that morning (roughly 32.4 miles).  a few of the runners who accompanied him on that group run were also in attendance.

steve friedman is the co-author of scott's book.  chris mcdougal is the author of "born to run."  while i have met scott a few times over the last couple of years, it was the first time i met chris.  ironically, pat had met chris two years ago at their college reunion!  peter sarsgaard is the director of the forthcoming movie of "born to run."

chris was the moderator of the panel presentation.  briefly introducing the members and they in turn made a few remarks.  questions from the capacity crowd were also taken.  afterwards, copies of "eat & run" plus "born to run" were for sale - and signing, by their respective authors.

it was a fun time (and worth playing hooky from work) :D

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