Sunday, March 18, 2012

no st. patrick's day marathon... the sad, seeming demise of free holiday marathons :(

the seemingly implacable impasse between the parks department and the holiday marathons over the use of van cortlandt park has scratched yet another free holiday marathon from the calendar. with the cancellation of the st. patrick's day marathon, that brings it to three straight (after the new years and valentine's day) marathons that could not be run at van cortlandt park. it's actually four straight because the christmas marathon was relocated and held at tibbets brook park in yonkers,

whatever the reasons for the continuing impasse - and the laundry list of grievances is apparently endless (you can read the holiday marathon statement) - there's plenty of blame to go around.  that's not really the point, however. what matters is that if the holiday marathons are to resume at van cortlandt park, adults need to show up and work out the problems (regardless of how big, small or intractable they may seem).

it's unbelievably frustrating because after a year of incredibly fun races we're left with nothing going forward.  unofficial fun runs through van cortlandt park just aren't the same thing.  luckily, there's plenty of time to work something out before the easter marathon - and, hopefully, it will return :D

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Laura said...

Honestly, that laundry list of grievances really bothers me, and makes me want to take the side of the Parks Department (even though of course I want the marathons to come back). It's just so tattletale-y and biased/unbalanced that it makes me annoyed with the organizers instead of the Parks Department.