Friday, October 28, 2011

greetings from lille, france :D

greetings from lille, france! i left jfk last night, arrived at charles de gaule airport this morning, transferred to the high speed train - the station conveniently located at the airport - and arrived in lille this afternoon. as travels go, this was a relatively easy trip (contrasted w/how long it took to get to kuala lumpur last month!).

the train ride, even at just over an hour, managed to take me back to my post-college days bumming around europe on a eurorail pass! as a practical matter, however, lille is a definitely a walking city - with most major attractions clustered together near the city center. hopefully, i'll get in a few runs that take in some of the sights :D

stay tuned!

update:  air france cabin crews just started a five day strike - so it remains to be seen if i make it out of here on tuesday!  but,  w/news reports of a freakish snowstorm hitting new york city/new england this weekend - maybe i'm better off being stranded here a couple of extra days :D

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