Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011 great train race

not much in the way of photos to post for the great train race. i only took this one of the race registration before the start. since it's a point to point course, didn't take my camera with me.

as for the race itself, the course is hilly! i ran a 55:14 for the 6.8 miles, which was well off the 51 minutes i ran it a couple of years ago. but i was more than happy with that result.

instead of carpooling back to the parking lot in new canaan, emmy and i ran it. that plan worked well for the first 5+ miles - but then we veered off course, after missing a marker, and wound up tacking on a few bonus miles as a consequence.

the return trip took us 1:30 (and included flagging down a couple of cars, a biker, and a runner to ask for directions)! still, even with that little detour, it was all good :D

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