Sunday, October 23, 2011

2011 run the farm 5 mile trail: race photos and results

this morning, from the race directors of the leatherman's loop, the second edition of run the farm took place on muscoot farm in somers, ny.  it was a challenging (read hilly) 5 mile trail run.  for fans of the leathersman's loop, it was a warm-up (sans water crossings) for westchester's spring trail classic. 

for only its second year, there was a large turnout, not only for the 5 miler, but the 1 mile kids fun run as well.  as an added bonus, each runner received 5 farm dollars at the finish to spend at the farmers market, conveniently taking place on the farm, post-race :D

race prizes (as at the leatherman's loop) were pies!  emmy, after winning her age group at the sleep hollow 10k yesterday, doubled up and won her age group again this morning - and a pie in the process.  she seamlessly switched from roads to trails w/out missing a beat!

i, on the other hand, missed my 45 minute target by two minutes.  i thought that a nine minute pace was doable, but after a poor starting position it quicky got out of reach.  nevertheless, i had a great time out there.  in addition to emmy, todd, chris, and bob (who took pictures along the way) also ran the course.

here are the race results.

here are a few more photos posted on facebook.

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Pete said...

Nice report and pics Frank. The grind is brutal.