Saturday, May 7, 2011

sugarloaf marathon instead of the healthy kidney 10k

in something of a twist, i decided to run the sugarloaf usa marathon in eustis, maine, instead of the nyrr healthy kidney 10k next weekend. i had wanted to run the vermont city marathon at the end of the month, and miss the pioneer memorial 100 mile trek as consequence. but since the vermont city marathon closed out the day before - literally - that i logged on to register, that was no longer an option.

instead, when myriam asked if anyone wanted to run sugarloaf with her and split some the driving, i was in. then emmy signed on, and now we had three drivers to share the eight+ hour road trip. the only downside, for me, iis giving up the extra two weeks. i would have liked to sharpen my training for the race. be that as it may, my goal is to run a sub-3:30 and grab a bq for the 2012 boston marathon.

ironically, way back in 2003, the sugarloaf marathon was my first boston qualifer! i ran a 3:17:47 and then went on to run my first boston marathon the following year, in 2004. if i can dig it up, i'll my 2003 sugarloaf race report. stay tuned :D

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