Sunday, May 1, 2011

may 2011 race schedule

may kicks off with a trio of 10k races - the first of which, this morning, is the leatherman's loop 10k. it's been on my list of races to run for a long time! the trail run includes multiple water crossings, sand dunes(!) and some single track trails! should be fun (and muddy) :D

next up are a pair of 10ks that i've done multiple times - the mothers day 10k in norwalk (with the summer series just around the corner) and the healthy kidney 10k. the second nyrr race follows on the heels of the healthy kidney - the brooklyn half marathon. that is one of my all time favorite races at any distance. this year the race sold out in just one day!

finally, and still up the air, is memorial day weekend. i've had the pioneer memorial trek in my plans for the longest time. it's a favorite of mine -and run only ever second year. the 3-day race takes place in a different park in queens over the course of the memorial day weekend. but if i can get into the vermont city marathon, i may do that instead - in search of a late season boston qualifier!

here's how it looks right now:

5/1 - leatherman's loop 10k
5/8 - norwalk mothers day 10k
5/14 - healthy kidney 10k
5/21 - brooklyn half marathon
5/28 - pioneer memorial 100m trek

as always, if you're at any of these events - say hello :D

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