Thursday, February 3, 2011

packet pick-up at nyrr for gridiron classic 4 miler

this afternoon i picked up my number and shirt for the gridiron classic 4 miler. it's my first nyrr race of 2011. normally i'run at least one or two central park races in january (the manhattan half and/or the fred lebow 5 miler). truth be told, had i picked up a point towards the 9 + 1 requirement last month, i'd line up for the trrc freezer 5k in fdr state park instead.

i remember the days the when the gridiron was an out and back 5k race - it began on east drive, went across the 102nd street transverse, south on west drive to an abrupt (and inconvenient) turnaround point. the horseshoe shaped current 4 mile course is decidedly more runner friendly.

the forecast is for some snow on saturday - argh (enough with the snow already)! hopefully, we won't get that much - and whatever falls won't linger on the course sunday. in any event, after the race i'd like to tack on a full loop of the park to up the mileage to ten for the morning.

if you're at the gridiron sunday, say hi!

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