Sunday, February 6, 2011

2011 gridiron classic 4 miler: race photos and results

what a great day to be outside and run. it almost seemed as if winter was put on hold for the day. the only remnant of the seemingly endless cold that's fallen across the tri-state area was the occasional spots of black ice along east drive during the gridiron 4 miler this morning. the great weather brought out a huge crowd - more than 5,700 runners crossed the finish line!

i ran a 29:16 - off my target of a sub-29 for the 4 miles. after the race, todd, emmy and i ran another 9 miles (a loop+ of the park) to build up the daily mileage. that was fun - and for me it was a pleasure to get in some training miles on solid ground instead of slush or ice! hopefully this weather will last for couple more days before we're tossed back into the deep freeze :O

here are the race results from nyrr.

a couple more photos posted on facebook.

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Laura said...

17 seconds over your goal? Not bad at all.