Tuesday, February 1, 2011

february 2011 race schedule

february, for some strange reason, seems to be a month of conflicts - too many great races, too few days to schedule them. almost every weekend is a trade 0ff, starting with the gridiron 4 miler on sunday. it conflicts with the freezer 5k, the race i'd like to run but will pass up in favor of my first of nine nyrr races for 2011. had i run one or two nyrr races in january, i'd line up for the freezer 5k this weekend.

then, the rescheduled ted corbitt run around manhattan is on deck for the following weekend - which knocks out the stratford sweetheart run. the next day, sunday, the valentine's day marathon in van cortandt park conflicts with the boston build-up 20k. tough call, but right now the marathon has the edge.

and again, the following weekend finds the freezer 5 miler, albany winter marathon, and cherry tree 10 miler all on the same day - argh. i like each of those races - and have run them multiple times over the years. but this year, like the last one, the albany winter marathon has the edge.

the final weekend of the month is relatively conflict free. while the al gordon 4 miler conflicts with the colchester half - the colchester half, despite the long drive, was on my tentative list of 2011 races. plus, with al gordon in prospect park - that's a lot of driving to run just 4 miles. the next day, sunday, is the boston build-up 25k - the final race in the winter series (and easily my favorite of the 4 races).

here's what the schedule looks like:

2/6 - gridiron 4 miler
2/12 - ted corbitt run around manhattan, 50k
2/13 - valentine's day marathon
2/20 - albany winter marathon
2/26 - colchester half marathon
2/27 - boston build-up 25k

as always, if you're at any of them - say hello!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Frank,

I'm registered at gridiron and will probably see you there. What is this ted corbitt manhattan run? Google turns up nothing.

rundangerously said...

hey steve! we'll look for you sunday. run around manhattan is an annual thing to celebrate memory of ted corbitt. it was set for last week of january, but dave (the organizer) moved it b/c of the heavy snow. todd and his buddy ran the route despite the weather. check out his great write-up:


Laura said...

I'm considering Albany this year - will let you know.