Tuesday, December 21, 2010

happy 2010 winter solstice

while the official winter solstice is just over 2 hours from now, as i post this - here in the northeast, winter arrived 3 weeks ago. it seems like we've had an incredible run of below average temperatures for december, with no abatement in sight. maybe the weather picture will balance out next month with a warmer than usual january.

even though winter is my least favorite season, it's still fun to get out there and run - if only to savor the warmth when you get back inside - haha. in a great surprise the folks who brought us the free thanksgiving day races at van cortlandt park are back with another series to celebrate christmas on saturday. i'll be there for the 10k - and wish i could stay for the marathon, but have to get home to prepare dinner (a pleasant replay of my thanksgiving)!

happy winter solstice everyone!


Laura said...

I am absolutely DREADING the cold temps on Sun. I'll be there at the start, but we'll see how many laps I end up doing...

rundangerously said...

you mean saturday ;O

i can only do one - and that's pushing it b/c family coming over.

see you saturday!

Laura said...

Yes. As you can see, I'm already pushing it off in my mind!