Wednesday, December 1, 2010

december 2010 race schedule

hard to believe december has crept up so fast and 2010 will soon be history! december normally finds few races on my schedule, and this year will be no different. i had planned on just a pair of races, the pete mcardle 15k in van cortlandt park and the norfolk pub 10 miler, both old favorites of mine.

but, in waht may be a first, the ted corbitt 15k doesn't conflict with the norfolk pub 10 miler - so i can't pass up the opportunity to run it! as an aside, i already have my 9 +1 requirement taken care of for the 2011 nyc marathon, so the 2 nyrr races aren't needed for guaranteed entry.

the one real variable on the schedule is the roxbury marathon. while my friends have run it in the past, it's one that i haven't tried yet. if i can get myself motivated for the hour and a half drive up to roxbury for the 8:30 start, i'll do it this year.

still open is whether i'll run a race this weekend. but there's a good chance i'll run a short race (a holiday 5k?) towards the end of the month. two weeks seems like too long to wait before the new year's day races arrive :D

here's what it looks like so far:

12/11 - roxbury marathon
12/12 - pete mcardle xc 15k
12/18 - norfolk pub 10 miler
12/19 - ted corbitt 15k

as always, if you're at any of them, say hi!


DebbieJRT said...

not doing the couples race this year?

TeeJay said...

Frank, how about a 7K race in the beautiful Schunemunk Ridge area, hosted by Loughran's Irish Pub?

I'll buy the first beer afterward. :)

Laura said...

Not sure if you've decided to do Roxbury or not, but if so, any chance I might be able to meet you somewhere and catch a ride? Though I'd finish way after you (prob ~4:00), so not sure you'd want to stick around...