Wednesday, November 24, 2010

tweaking the remaining november race schedule

this should actually read "rewriting" the remaining november race schedule. i had planned on the gateway gobbler 6 miler tomorrow and the cow chip xc 4 miler on saturday to close out the races for november. but a new event, the thanksgiving marathon, is on for tomorrow. not only is it at a great location, van cortlandt park, but it's FREE - and includes shorter distances.

i'm opting for the shortest distance, the 10k (one loop). i may go for a second loop and move up to the half marathon - but my real concern tomorrow is getting home early enough to put the turkey in the oven and start working on our dinner. so the marathon itself is pretty much out of the question because i won't get home before one!

on saturday, instead of running the cow chip xc 4 miler, i'll return to bedford and volunteer at their turkey trot 5k. i've volunteered there for the past couple of years and decided to keep up the tradition - so to speak. once the race goes off, we typically run the course backwards to get in a workout as well.

then, on sunday, i'll head over the tappen zee bridge for todd's "completion" run. it's more of a celebration as todd completes the last few miles of the trail system he's been systematically running over the last few months. aside from the running, there'll be a good deal of socializing as well :D

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