Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 nyc marathon expo at the javits center

except for the constant rain, today's trip to the nyc marathon expo was fun. the walk to and from the javits center, however, was something i could have done without. this expo included a photo op at the ing runner's nation booth - along with an orange cap. but the real highlight, for emmy and michael, had to be the special "streaker" singlet that the nyrr gave to each runner that had notched at least 15 nyc marathons (emmy is running her 22nd and michael his 17th).

other familiar faces at the expo included "torpedo" (a/k/a mike), pam (and her husband), and a few taconic road runners. it was an especially happy day for pam because she picked up her bib this year (on the heels of a pair of deferments) - and will run her first nyc marathon!! torpedo, on the other hand, with more than a few marathons under his belt is looking to run a 3:05 (give or take) on sunday.

my time goal this year is a relatively straightforward 3:30 (3:30:59 to be precise) - a bq for the 2012 boston marathon :D

a few more photos posted on facebook.

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Chicken Underwear said...

If I finish it will be my 17th finish. This is my 19th start. They all don't end well.