Saturday, November 13, 2010

greetings from berlin!

i flew in to berlin with my friend marc. our flight was delayed because while the plane was in line for take-off, the pilot discovered that the cargo had been loaded on to the plane incorrectly. we had to taxi back to the gate, where the ground crew redistributed pallets of cargo, before we were able to take off. all together, take was delayed for an hour and 20 minutes because of the cargo issues.

still, that wasn't as bad as the luck some of our colleagues had on the day before, on the same daily flight. there a passenger had checked-in, but never boarded the plane. the pilot had to bring the plane back to gate - where the ground crew had to locate - and remove - that missing passenger's luggage for security reasons. that was a 2+ hour take-off delay.

despite our delay, the arrival was only a half hour behind schedule. after marc and i checked in, we did some sight-seeing on an otherwise gray and drizzly day. i'll post pictures from that little excursion.

stay tuned :D

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