Saturday, May 23, 2020

A Rainy Morning at ... the Track :O

I didn't plan on doing laps at the track this morning.  I had planned on doing a 10+ miler up and back to White Plains.  Instead, as I ran up the post road it was the lousy weather (drizzle + fog) that made me think the track was a better (and much shorter) destination! 

So my long run wait until tomorrow.  Despite the unexpected visit, I had planned to go to the track this week.  I wanted to do a mile on the track as a warm-up to the actual mile for the NYRR Virtual Global Running Day Mile - that begins on May 28 and runs until the official Global Running Day (6/3).  The laps weren't speed work by any definition.

I was pleasantly surprised to run two sub-8:20 miles (through rain covered glasses)!  Those were the first sub-9 minute miles that I've run in quite a while (probably late last Fall/early Winter).  The track conditions weren't great - slippery, actually.  But it felt great to run fast enough to feel the oxygen debt building up - haha :D

Next time I will actually toss in a few intervals during the 8 laps!

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