Sunday, October 7, 2018

2018 Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon: Race Photos & Results

My 4th consecutive Paine to Pain is in the books!  It was Nick's 11th(!!) - Eric recognized him, and the other runner, at the start as having lined up for all 11 editions of the race!  Weather-wise, the 100% humidity made for some tough going.  On the bright side, last year we had the same 100% humidity, but on and off rain as well!  But the weather didn't take away from another great day on the trails!  As always, this is a fantastic event.

One of my favorite moments was coming off the trail and heading uphill on the small road portion that connects the course to the next trail head - and hearing Green Day's "Know your Enemy" cranked out by the roadside band.  That was pretty great.

As for the race, I did not get off course in Saxon Woods like I did at the course preview 2 weeks ago.  But even with no bonus miles, I still missed a sub-2 hour finish (2:02:50).  I'll blame that, conveniently, on the brutal humid conditions - haha!  The 10 miler I ran yesterday may have also contributed my less than fresh legs.  Although that run did include parts of the course - and I took a few pre-race pictures (you might say).  I especially like the one in front of the row of empty porta-johns (echoing Eric's similar shot when they were delivered to the site last week).

I include a couple of the memorials to Thomas Paine, which most runners don't have the opportunity to see (as they are located up the road, on North Avenue).  A descendent of Thomas Paine was ran the race as well.  He began a hour before the official start.  Very, very cool - and a gave him a shout out when I caught up to him.

Here are the preliminary race results from the race website.
I'll add a link to the photos as well, when they're posted.

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