Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 2017 Race Schedule

Hard to believe it's time to start writing 2017!  Did the all of 2016 just fly by in a blur? 

As for racing, I've only committed to a pair of races for this month - the January races of the 2017 Boston Build-up Series.  The 10k is this weekend in Norwalk and the 15k is in Ridgefield, two weeks later.  I had wanted to run the Fred Lebow Half Marathon, but it conflicted with the 15k.  I'm hoping to run all 4 of the Build-up races this year (and the Blow-out too).

I may get in a couple of other races this month, but for now - here's the pair:

1/8 - Boston Build-up 10k
1/22 - Boston Build-up 15k

As always, if you're at one of them - say hello!

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DawnB said...

Happy New Year Frank! I am amaze you keep up with your blog! so hard to do with face book. I hope the weather is not too terrible for tomorrow!