Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016 Boston Build-up 15k: Race Photos & Results

Great morning for a hilly 15k.  To put the course in perspective, it could go by the Barlow Mountain 15k.  Either way, I love running this race (but really can't say the same about driving all the way up to Ridgefield to run it). 

My 1:15:34, 8:07 pace, was well off my target of a sub-8 minute pace (which I did hold for the first 10k).  It was even off my goal of a sub 1:15.  It was a solid 2 minutes slower than my 2015 race.  But given the lack of speed work and my low mileage base over the last few months, I'm happy with it!

Here are the official race results from ClubCt.

The rest of my photos are up on Facebook.

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