Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Running Year in Review!

It's hard to believe that 2018 is ending in a few hours.  As fast as it's flown by, it's been one for my record books.  In terms of miles, I logged just under 2,800 running/racing miles (2,794.7) for the year - with at least 200 miles per month!  I haven't logged that volume of miles in over a decade.  In fact, have to look back to 2009/10 for the last time I ran 2,500+ miles in back to back years.  Over the last few years it's been a struggle to reach just 2000 miles for the year.

Even more surprising, I ran every single day of the year.  That I did not intend to accomplish - but more than pleased that I kept at it - and the streak, if you will.  It's actually a couple of days more than 365 straight since I can add in the last few days of 2017.  Not sure if this streak will continue into 2019.  It was more of a curiosity (to see if I could stick with it) than a true obsession.

In terms of data, the first six months of the year were by far the most productive.  As is my custom, the second half of the year is always the more challenging (primarily because of the tougher Fall semester teaching schedules).  I ran 1,500+ miles (1,507.1) through the first six months - followed by just under 1,300 miles (1,287.6) for the second half.  My highest mileage month (March) was a sliver over 300 miles (300.2.) and my lowest (November), I barely eked out 200 miles (201.2).

As for high and low racing points during the year - they were separated by just one week in July!  The low point was my 4th DNF at the Vermont 100 (which now gives me a negative 3-4 finish/DNF ratio).  After the NYRR Team Championships in Central Park the following weekend, I somehow notched a 15+ minute PR at the Escarpment Trail Run.  It was all the more surprising (shocking, actually) since I had run that earlier PR way back in 2006 (as a 44 year old).

In terms of numbers, I ran 34 races + that one DNF.  Seven of those were marathons (3) and ultras (4).  I also ran a couple of 30k's and half marathons.  The longest distance of the year was the Greater NY 100K back in June.  The shortest was a trio of mile races over the summer (one cross county, one beer mile, and one road mile).  In addition to the beer mile, the other "odd" race (event) of the year worth noting was the Underwear Run in Central Park (just under 2 miles).

Well, that's the 2018 story in a nutshell.  Goals for 2019 - finish NYCM #17, Escarpment Trail Run #9, and my 4th Vermont 100 Miler.  Not to mention, most importantly, stay healthy and keep on running :D

Happy New Year to everyone!

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Black Knight said...

Impressive numbers, congrats. The most surprising is the daily run.