Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016 Weston Reservoir Run Half Marathon: Race Photos & Results

What a perfect weather day to run!  It was easily 10 degrees warmer than yesterday (and 20 degrees warmer than Friday)!  This was the 5th edition of the Weston Reservoir Run (and the third and final race of the Fairfield County Half  Marathon series).  I ran the original course back in 2012 - a week before the actual race - with Don and Emmy (I think it conflicted with the NYC Marathon that year).  Today was my first time running the actual race.

The slightly reconfigured layout lost none of its hilly character.  Of the three races in the Half Marathon Series, this was my slowest at 1:45:05 (8:03 pace).  I was almost 4 minutes off my times at the Norwalk and Ridgefield Half Marathons.  Even if I hadn't walked a bit during mile 10, I doubt that I would have finished under 1:43.  Still the course was fantastic - one BIG scenic loop (especially the stretch along the reservoir proper)!

I may put together a brief summary of all three races in the Half Marathon Series (and post a picture of the commemorative shirt when I get it).  But this one was perhaps the most challenging of the three courses :O

Next up, the NYC Marathon!

Here are the official race results.

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