Sunday, October 2, 2016

2016 Ridgefield Half Marathon: Race Photos & Results

It was a dreary morning to run the 40th anniversary edition of the Ridgefield Half Marathon (not just gray skies, but a light mist/drizzle as we waited for the race to start).  Some might find those bordering on optimal running conditions - maybe in my glory days (haha) - but I could have stood for a little sunlight :D

As it worked out, I actually ran my fastest Ridgefield Half!  My 1:41:25 was almost a minute faster than my 2011 finish (1:42:15) and a solid 2 minutes faster than my 2012 finish (1:43:24)!  So the last thing I should do is pan the weather!

Ridgefield was also the second race in the trio that makes up the "Fairfield County Half Marathon Series" - which concluded with the Reservoir Run at the end of the month.  Speaking of trios, this was my 3rd straight weekend of Half Marathons - Norwalk and Paine to Pain preceded this one.  It will also be my last until the end of the month :D

Here are the official race results.  And thanks to Tony for letting me swipe a couple of his photos!

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