Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 The Great New York 100 Mile Running Exposition: Race Photos & Results

Wow, seems like a very long time since I completed a 100 Miler (2011?) -- and this one was in the category of "unfinished business" for me because I had to drop out at mile 41 during the 2012 edition (its first year)!  The Great NY Running Exposition is an absolutely fantastic event - every step from beginning to end (including the 2 bridges that gave me panic attacks when I crossed them)!

I'm writing up a race report, so will keep this short.  Most of these photos come from race volunteers that shared them on the group Facebook page.  I took a handful of selfies along the way, but not nearly enough to capture the full flavor of the day.

My favorite picture (aside from the great one at the finish :D) is from the 100K aid station.  I'm sitting there (first time in nearly 15 hours) with a cup of beer and slice of pizza - there I'm in heaven (however so briefly)!

Here are the results for the 100 Miler.

Here are the rest of my photos, up on Facebook.

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