Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016 Stratford Sweetheart Run: Race Photos & Results

Cold - but nowhere near as cold as Sunday - reason enough to get the miles in on Saturday!  Despite the frigid weather, the roads were clear and it was a great morning to run (especially when the race was just 3 miles, instead of it's typical 4)! This was the first year the Sweetheart Run was a 3 miler - the 19 previous years it was run as a 4 miler.

While I appreciated the shorter distance this morning, I miss the extra mile!  Not sure the 4 mile course will ever be put back in service.  But regardless of the distance, this is one race to have on your annual schedule (I've been running it since 2006 - with only 1 or 2 missed years).

As for this race, my 21:54 was good enough for first place in my age group!  That was a very pleasant surprise!  The 7:18 pace (thanks to some walking up the hill) was off the 7:11 pace at the Freezer 5K last weekend.  But this course is a bit tougher.  But, even better than the age group wind,  - Emmy and I won the combined age group :D

Here are the official results.

The rest of my photos are up on Facebook.

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